Central Bark Sales

5265 South Santiam Highway, Lebanon, OR 97355



MON - SAT 8:00 - 5:00

(March-ish - October-ish)

Baby plants! 

There's a handful of  plant starts left from Mother's day, mostly vegetables and herbs.  They are available for "adoption" for a minimum $2 donation to PURR 


MON - SAT 8:00 - 4:00

(November-ish - Feb-ish)

Bark, Soil, Rock, etc. for your gardening and landscaping needs.  Stop by and pick up a load yourself or call us to schedule a delivery.

We accept yard debris!  Clean woody/leaf waste, scrap lumber, etc.  NO hinges, brackets, rock, sod, or dirt.  Load subject to inspection, fee per cubic yard as measured.  One yard minimum.  You haul only.

Loading and Delivery Information:

One yard of ROCK weighs approximately 2500 lbs.
One yard of LOAM/DIRT weighs approximately 2000 lbs
One yard of BARK can weigh 500-1200 lbs depending on variety and moisture
One yard of soil, mulch or aggregate covers an area of approximately 10’x10′, (100sf) x 3″ deep.

For vehicles loaded in our yards: We can assume no liability for their condition, allowance or transport ability. We will attempt to advise you if we feel you are wanting to exceed your vehicle’s capability, but ultimately you are responsible for knowing your own payload/towing capacities.

Most of our delivery trucks need a minimum area of 12 feet wide, 30 feet long and 15 feet in height clearance. If the push-out truck (Moby) is needed for dumping inside arenas, please make your request at the time you place your delivery order. Our trucks are heavy and may weigh up to 30,000 pounds. We can assume no liability for damages to property occasioned by the condition of the property including asphalt areas. If the dump area is not clearly marked and visible to our delivery operators, operators will dump material at areas most reasonably assumed based on directions and markings. Even if the area is well marked, there are times when we cannot access the marked area due to conditions that are out of our control. If, after every reasonable attempt to contact the material recipient has failed, our delivery operators, at their discretion, will put the material in the most reasonable area nearest to where it was intended to go. We cannot move materials once they are delivered. Our trucks do not venture off-road, across fields, into gardens, etc. Exceptions MAY be made only in the driest summer months across hard packed ground. In the event a delivery truck gets stuck attempting to deliver materials through soft ground, customer assumes all towing charges, as well as $65 per hour from the time the truck gets stuck until it returns to the shop.